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The Start
Friends stay together

As three childhood friends and Oklahoma University graduates, we decided one day over a cup of coffee that we didn't want to just get our degrees, and go our separate ways working jobs in different cities. Out of this dream to build something bigger than ourselves Moravian Coffee Roasters was born. To us, the name Moravian means to be all in with whatever you do. It is the idea of committing your life to something bigger than yourself just like the original Moravians.

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Mission & Giving
Coffee and Connection

Our mission is to connect the world through specialty coffee. By creating developed coffees and pushing the boundaries of single-origin flavor profiles, we strive to be an innovative and creative roastery. We also give 10% of our proceeds to Missionaries, Shelters, and Organizations helping kids in low-income areas throughout the DFW metroplex.

Moravian Coffee's goal is to connect the world through specialty coffee.


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