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Colombia Decaf

Colombia Decaf


Coming straight from the beautiful farms of Colombia, this sugarcane-processed decaf is the best decaf coffee you will ever have! This process is completed by washing the beans in a molasses/sugar cane solution that essentially dissolves the caffeine.


By using this natural process, the coffee will have a much sweeter, less chemical taste than other decaf coffees. If you are skeptical about decaf (like we were for so many years) give ours a try and see if it changes your mind as it changed ours!


We are currently tasting Cherry, Cola, and Chocolate Chip!

  • Roasting Days

    We roast every Monday and ship the following day. Please make sure orders are made before Monday evening to ensure your order is processed and ready to go. If you order after 9am CST on a Monday, your coffee will not be roasted until the following week.

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