Ethiopia Layo Taraga

Ethiopia Layo Taraga


All the way from the Haro Wachu, Uraga and Guji region of Ethiopia, Layo Taraga stands as a major washing station with over 500 smallholder producers. This washed coffee will blow your mind on how different Ethiopian coffees can become and showcases the passion of the farm to produce great coffee!


Region: Haro Wachu, Uraga, Guji

Washing Station: Layo Taraga

Importer: Cafe Imports

Process: Washed G1

Varietal: Bourbon, Typica

Acidity: High

Body: Medium

Elevation: 1950–2000 masl

Notes: Cantaloupe, Lime Zest, Sugar Cane Juice


*Note: We roast every Tuesday and ship the following day. Please make sure orders are made before Monday evening to ensure your order is processed and ready to go.


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