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Colombia Peach Co-Ferment*

Colombia Peach Co-Ferment*


This is the highest end coffee we have ever brought on the menu. This osmotic dehydrated peach processed coffee will bend your persception of specialty coffee. First they do a normal honey process coffee but during the drying phase, they dry the coffee seeds with peaches allowing the seeds to absorb the sweetness from the fresh peaches. This coffee is for people who want the highest cup of coffee!


We are currently tasting Peach Iced Tea, Fresh Peach, and Cream


Region: Armenia-Quindio

Farm: Sens Coffee x Finca La Sirena

Prodcucer: Juan Puerta

Importer: Yellow Rooster

Process: Honey

Varietal: Castillo

Acidity: Creamy

Body: Medium

Roast Lvl: Light

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