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How to brew shop quality coffee at home

When we dove into the specialty coffee world, some of the best coffees we tried were not at our favorite coffee shops, but rather just using equipment at our home. Today I want to give you guys some tips and tricks to make better-filtered coffee that will help step up your home brewing.

  1. If you don’t have a good burr grinder at home, I strongly recommend you get one. these vary in shape and size but this purchase will take your coffee game to another level. Why you may ask? It is because once the coffee is ground, it begins to oxidize at an accelerated rate causing a lot of the pent-up gases to be released. These gases that are leaving give the coffee freshness, flavor, and in simple terms, better taste. you must grind your coffee fresh to ensure you maximize the flavor profile.

  2. The second most important thing in my opinion is your grind setting. Let us just say you took my advice and go yourself a pretty good burr grinder, now that question is how fine or how course do I grind? There are a lot of variables in that question, but in general, I would say for homebrewers, grinding a little less than medium seems to be the sweet spot. Again it depends on the grinder, brewer, coffee, temperature of water, etc, but a little less than medium-fine/coarseness should work.

  3. Think of how you like your coffee in the morning. Some people love the strong taste of coffee while others like a less intense consistency. based on this, pay attention to how much water you put in your machine compared to coffee. Simply put, if you want a stronger taste, at more coffee and less water. If you want a weaker taste add more water and less coffee. To get the coffee the way you like it, I would encourage you to keep trying it out until you find the way you love your coffee

  4. Last but not least stir the slurry! What is the slurry? It is when fresh hot water begins to wet your coffee and your coffee looks like it is increasing in size. When water is completely covered in your coffee, get a spoon and stir the coffee into your filter. This should be done pretty early on in the process and will ensure that all the grounds are getting completely wet. This will help even out extraction and give you a more even coffee taste.

There is much more to be said about brewing coffee from a homebrewer but I hope these tips help you make your coffee experience better so you can have better morning times. Waking up is hard and having something delicious to wake up to makes the morning more manageable. If you found this blog useful, let us know! We would love to chat about how we can help you make better coffee! Cheers

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