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Spotlight: Noufam

As many of you probably know, we started Moravian Coffee with a mission to make an impact across the world and help those that need it the most. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with amazing organizations across the world. This week I'd like to introduce you to an awesome Non-Profit called NouFam! NouFam is an organization in Haiti that seeks to provide a family environment for orphans that they rescue from extreme poverty or human trafficking. They focus on education, job creation, and family preservation. The heartbreaking conditions in Haiti have created unique problems for families, and most orphans actually have parents that are alive, but they have either abandoned their children or sold them into slavery. NouFam not only provides a family for those that have been abandoned, but they also provide jobs to women, so that they can work to end the orphan cycle and keep children with their biological parents.

In the fall of 2020, we had the opportunity to travel to Haiti and see first-hand all of the great work that NouFam is accomplishing. From creating a loving home environment for orphans and starting a transition home for children that are turning 18, to feeding a village every week that depends on them, to creating businesses to provide women with jobs. The impact they are making is incredible. The conditions in Haiti are truly unimaginable, and although we've been to many third world countries, we had never seen such widespread poverty. It was a truly eye-opening experience. In the midst of all the hardship though, we were amazed by the joy and love that both the children and staff at NouFam carried. It was amazing to see how genuine love and care for others can create such a great environment, even in the midst of hardship. The name NouFam comes from the creole word "Nou" which means "we are", so it translates to "We are family". I can't think of a better way to describe the meaningful work that they are doing in Haiti. Seeing kids rescued from the most unthinkable circumstances, thriving in a community and experiencing the genuine love of God is something that has truly impacted us, and given us even more motivation to continue doing what we are doing here at Moravian Coffee.

If you want to learn more about NouFam and how you can partner with them, just click the link below!

Joel and his new friend after an intense game of soccer :P

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